Swift1TM software  from Agile Pricing Solutions

Putting together a quote for an order can be complicated and time consuming, potentially risking revenue and customer satisfaction.  With Swift1 software, your quotes will be faster and better – and your customers happier.

Right price for every customer and order.

Do you know how accurate your quotes are? In many companies that sell semi-customized products there is inconsistency from one order to the next.  Make the rules and gain control over every transaction with our automated quoting and pricing engine.

More productive sales time

Studies show that salespeople can spend  25% of their time preparing quotes for customers. With our solution, quotes are generated in real-time, freeing up  your salespeople for what they really want to do – build relationships and sell more product.

Better customer service

Customers hate to wait. Give them quotes quickly and easily with our software and watch your sales conversion rate go up.

Reduce errors and waste

Handwritten notes and entering the same information multiple times can result in costly errors – and unhappy customers.  Our software helps reduce entry errors and can even send data directly to CNC machines or other production systems.

Be open 24/7

With our software, customers can get quotes and place an order  online anytime day or night.  The tool can be easily integrated into your website so customers can quote and buy 24/7.



Simplicity – Application is menu-driven and easy to use for both salespeople and customers. Customer-specific portals make re-orders quick and easy for your customers.

Flexibility – Costs, prices, discounts structures and other inputs to the application can be easily updated by you anytime – hourly, daily, weekly – whatever your business needs are.

Accuracy – Verification logic is built in.  The application architecture ensures each quote is for a configuration that you can deliver.  It can also be customized to  account for changes in inventory or processing availability.

Customization – Accommodate any unique business rules you may have and configure and design the application to integrate seamlessly with your online presence.

Data  granularity – Data can be programmed in as much detail as you need: specific materials, quantities, customers, finishes, processes, etc.

Cloud platform – Application runs on our servers for secure access by you and your customers 24/7. Centralized control and simple updating of  pricing engine parameters

Support – APS provide 24/7 monitoring of your application and technical support whenever you need it.