What we do

We help B2B companies improve their quoting and pricing performance. We have designed a flexible application architecture that can accommodate an almost limitless variety of cost inputs, discount parameters and dynamic pricing information. Although every business is different, the science of creating business rules is the same.

How we do it

We work with you to identify the drivers of your individual business - materials costs, machine costs, labor costs, customer discounts, etc. Then our team of modelers and statisticians create a unique algorithm for you that you can access via a simple user interface and use in real time. The parameters can be updated as often as you need and the tool integrates easily with your ERP and other systems.

Who we work with

Our tool is finding application in a wide variety of B2B industries - indusrial materials, metal service centers, printing, wire, plastics, wholesale food service, etc. Any business that relies on quoting based on customer specifications can benefit from implementing our software. Check out our case study.